About us

About the Vinyl Bar: discover the assets of this concept by Key des Artistes which will give a touch of fantasy to your events!

As original as it is unifying, the Vinyl Bar allows a real musical interaction between your guests around the record... in a very 70's atmosphere.

On the technical level, we have equipped this bar with an authentic control room composed of the mythical Technics SL 1200 turntables (1979 model) and Marshall speakers.

We provide guests with a selection of over 300 vinyl records of all musical styles. A wide range of vinyls to arouse the guests' curiosity! It is up to each guest to select the record they wish to play. Your guests are thus the actors of the musical program throughout the event: a very appreciated playful dimension!

Innovative but also interactive, the Vinyl Bar is perfectly adapted to a cocktail or lounge configuration. With its retro and punchy decor elements, it combines a touch of sympathetic nostalgia with an invitation to friendly exchanges between your guests around music.

Easily transportable and modular, the structure can be set up at your reception area according to your needs. Practical, the Vinyl Bar can be easily installed on all types of reception sites, without technical constraints and with minimal space requirements.

The presence of a DJ in charge of mixing the tracks and artists chosen by your guests is also a guarantee of the technical continuity and the fluidity of the musical programming.

The scenography of the Vinyl Bar combines 70's decorative elements and contemporary modules. However, it remains sober and design, allowing it to fit perfectly into any reception area. The Vinyl Bar is available in 3 trendy versions: Classic for a deliciously retro universe, White Edition for a pure and modern touch, Swedish for a Bår Ø Vińÿlės contemporary and design.

Nomadic and original concept, the Vinyl Bar allows you to create a real dynamic during your event in which your guests will be the actors.


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