Below, you will find videos of events by Vinyl Bar.

The videos of the Vinyl Bar... live ! A page to plunge into the atmosphere of an evening animated by our collective... and discover our concept through sound and image in exclusive videos. 

Scroll down the page and find videos of previously unseen events featuring the Vinyl Bar. This new original and offbeat concept allows you to involve your guests during your events: give a touch of madness and conviviality to your evening! 

Key des Artistes proposes the concept of the Vinyl Bar for all your private or professional events: congress evenings, seminars, incentives, cocktail dinners, wedding parties, as many corporate or private events to be found in pictures. A foretaste of the Artists' touchKey to personalize your events. 

In a lounge atmosphere, modern and uncluttered, our Vinyl Bar brings a retro and offbeat touch that will surprise your guests. A modular and customizable scenography to be declined according to the typology of your event: rather retro chic with the "classic" version, design with the "white edition" or a bit eccentric with the "swedish edition", the Bar à Vinyles is tailor-made for your events. 

Find in our videos our Bar in action... From the prestigious Radisson Blu to the unmissable Grand Hôtel Dieu, enter, through these films, some of the most prestigious reception places in Lyon. Filmed live, the Bar à Vinyles reveals its secrets. From company parties to wedding cocktails, share the Bar à Vinyles' unique and fun experience! 

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Demonstration of the Bar à Vinyles Classic at the "On se dit Oui" wedding showroom of the Galeries Lafayette at the Radisson Blu in Lyon where Key des Artistes was a partner.